maanantai 3. tammikuuta 2011


Luckily for me begginning of the hopefully most awesome year in general 2011 (because we all will die on 2012)
Is a slow one. Everyone is hyping for things to come or looking at the year past.

Forshadowing for january releases is also a thorn in everygamers side. Mainly for DC universe online, for which we all have seen a ton of beta footage (thank you TotalBiscuit) IF not even played beta. Mass Effect Dos for PStres and Dead Space 2.

Hmm apparently some sort of 2012 game is also released. Makes me wanna start a ridiculous releases segment :D
Apparently the feeling of anemia and '' Fuck this im on vacation'' feeling is mutual with me and the gaming biz.
Thus im over and out

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