keskiviikko 5. tammikuuta 2011


Today is apparently the day of leakage. A video of a supposed 3DS was posted on YouTube with DSI and DS lite.
The funny thing is the leakers played the Mario theme on the back in what seemed to be a dorm of some sort.
3DS is a close match to the former versions if comparing size and so on. If Nintendo really made the 3DS more powerful than the Wii. I'm pretty sure the Wii 2 is just around the bend.
Adding news to 3DS. Apparently it isn't as safe for kiddies as we think. Nintendo  proposes that the 3DS should only be used at 30 minute periods. Yeah sure name me the last time you played a game for half an hour. The other end of the deal is that you will not get headaches and other vision based conditions whatnot. And people still wonder why 3D flopped the first time around the seventies or something. I personally get a massive headache every time i watch 3D. Like motion-controlling 3D is going to be an expensive gimmick trust me.

Next up the PSphone ''leaked'' again. When will Sony learn to keep secrets. Let's remember 2009 E3 what did they ''publish'' PSPGo, we new that PSP2 was coming six months before hand we only screwed up the name. Crying shame.
The new picture confirms the dual-virtual-super-mega-cool-new-technology-joysticks finally giving PSP the joy of FPS:s and the douche bags that come along with them.
Personally i love the idea of a reliable gaming phone. With IOS titles being less ''casual'' every day taking for example Infinity Blade, Sony chose once again their market well. And like 3D the gaming phone is resurrected. Many of us still remember the grotesque N-Gage project. Let's hope Sony gets it right.

In other news. Commander Shepard is going to be keeping it real in 2183 again, New DLC is coming along with the PS3 edition of ME 2. The yet not to be named title will be the fourth DLC BioWare adds to ME2 good riddance for them. This along with other phenomena such like the fact that more titles were downloaded rather than bought for the PC is pretty good proof for the digitization of games.

Now for the proper bullshit. Microsoft denies that the Kinect causes more RRoD:ing in old XBoxes. Problems like this are migthy fine examples of something being so convenient for the developer. They release Kinect and a new Xbox. Conveniently the Kinect breaks old Xboxes so hey why not go buy the nes version. Too good to be true for Microsoft if you ask me. Just like the multiple Glitches in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood that keep us from playing the game such like the animus loop and the underground passage glitch. Conveniently leaving us with only the multi player to play. Get you shit together Ubisoft i have been waiting for the patch for a month and Canada already has it. Anyway I'm over and out

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