tiistai 4. tammikuuta 2011


So the reviews for Sack Boy's second adventure are out today.
Sadly I myself have never had the chance to abuse and exploit the Little Big Planet universe, I guess i don't have the followthrough  for games like that.
The concept is the same as it was on the first game. Create, Play, Share as their slogan puts it

What Media Molecule added was tools to create games; yes games like 2d shooters both lateral and acsending, overview racers, airhockey and so on.
It seems though thay Media Molecule didnt learn from their mistakes. Poor directioning in the create mode and sluggish sloooooooow loading are still present. And the average review points as of in right now are 70.0.

Also funny side note. Even when Mass Effect 2 for PS3 is running on the ME 3 engine, it only requires one disc. When ME2 for Xbox had two. Im sure if anyone would read this there would be a flame war commencing. But hey you cant win them all (any of them )

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