lauantai 15. tammikuuta 2011

Fanservice mmm.. tasty fanservice

It is final.... DC universe online is ''online''. And I'm entitled to say i have played (and liked) it.
On other MMO news minecraft has with its ''Beta'' hit the one million mark. They should really (if they already haven't) pay SeaNanners something. The guy made Notch a billionaire.

Cliff B is publishing a game called Bulletstorm. In my opinion its not a game. Its fanservice.
Its full of memes,  cameos and awesomness in general.
Im just afraid that the game has fallen ill to ''Serious Sam Syndrome''. You know where the guns are too big 'n' bulky not really charming at all. Plus they are just too unnatural. Even if this game is supposed to brimmed to the tip with extraordinary guns. Sometimes the feeling of just shooting a normal bullet in a guys head is more than enough. Borderlands did it perfectly. The weapons are unnatural and like you would never see these in real life. But yet even if i could set someone ablaze or give him cardiac arrest due to electricity. It still felt like i was shooting a gun: not some alien piece of technology......oh wait.

Anyway Cliff B take note now

Some of you might know George ''GeoHot'' Hotz. The first person to jailbreak an Iphone to be a wi-fi hotspot and to record movies and lots of more stuff. Currently it is legal to jailbreak your iphone before Geohot's jailbreak it wasn'n
Well apparently he didn't really like Sony taking away the OS support for all PS3:s. So Geohot decided to jailbreak the PS3 aswell. Now you can run homebrew appilcations like emulators and apparently pirate games (eventhough GeoHot denied this iin an interview with gamespot) If you are interested in jailbreaking your PS3 you can find instructions from however it is considered illegal as of in right now. And sony might retaliate on your console for doing this. Wheter Geohot will again win court and change the digital millenia laws is pending.

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