lauantai 12. helmikuuta 2011

The act of catching a break

Scusi moi. I have had business. Moving along

A lot has happened within the cluster fuck we call gaming and everything that orbits it.
the studio that bared the name Hudson Entertainment has bitten the dust. The PSphone inherited the 'worst kept secret of gaming' crown from the PSPgo. And they didnt even leave it in a bar.

Also on the smexy side of news our prominent lady gamers have well presented us and askmen placed. For example The Baroness Chobot on place 57 out of 99. Kudos and thank you for looking so fantabulous and actually making IGN torerlable.

So Activision decided that their flow of money isn't stable enough. So they took three games/franchises out of seeming existence. So Guitar Hero 'a franchise that is too expensive to keep up when contrasting the income it provides' has vanished like a fart in the Mojave. And True Crime has joined the list of fallen games STRIPPERS (if you got that give yourself a high five)
No really significant games came out (feel free to correct me) the tension of upcoming games like Killzone 3, Marvel VS. Capcom 3 and L.A Noire
One final thing and this is for the lulz, a really really faulty and judgemental article came out of Bullet Storm I would comment on it but made such a good job already I'm not gonna bother, just know that Botchweed is/are my favorite person(s) of the day
Save the pic and watch it in its full glory it is worth it trust me