lauantai 29. tammikuuta 2011


It is finally out. PSP2 a.k.a codename NGP for next gen portable.
It has the dual joysticks finally. Standard analog and control buttons. Two cameras on the back and on the front. 5 inch OLED touch screen. Six-axis control. And a touch pad on the back. Apparently NGP is going to be released similarly to the Ipad with one version with 3G and another one w/o 3G. Graphically the NGP will fiercely compete with the PS3
Now lets talk games. First party titles: Resistance, Uncharted, Killzone and Little Big Planet
. Third party games: Get this...CALL OF DUTY
And current third party supporters and devs are as followsGrasshopper, IREM, Level 5, Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Ubisoft, 2K Games, Rockstar, Capcom, SEGA, Tecmo Koei, Konami, Epic, Activision.
Personally I'm interested in Grasshopper. Now Sony please publish the PSphone i really need it. NGP is going to hit shelves like Muhammad Ali in the end of this year

Now Dead Space 2. Go buy it that's all
It is truly among the top 3 of all the many games i have played. I literally sit for five minutes just chain stomping stomping a necromorhp. Rule #32 enjoy the little things. Now pay up it is worth it i swear

lauantai 15. tammikuuta 2011

Fanservice mmm.. tasty fanservice

It is final.... DC universe online is ''online''. And I'm entitled to say i have played (and liked) it.
On other MMO news minecraft has with its ''Beta'' hit the one million mark. They should really (if they already haven't) pay SeaNanners something. The guy made Notch a billionaire.

Cliff B is publishing a game called Bulletstorm. In my opinion its not a game. Its fanservice.
Its full of memes,  cameos and awesomness in general.
Im just afraid that the game has fallen ill to ''Serious Sam Syndrome''. You know where the guns are too big 'n' bulky not really charming at all. Plus they are just too unnatural. Even if this game is supposed to brimmed to the tip with extraordinary guns. Sometimes the feeling of just shooting a normal bullet in a guys head is more than enough. Borderlands did it perfectly. The weapons are unnatural and like you would never see these in real life. But yet even if i could set someone ablaze or give him cardiac arrest due to electricity. It still felt like i was shooting a gun: not some alien piece of technology......oh wait.

Anyway Cliff B take note now

Some of you might know George ''GeoHot'' Hotz. The first person to jailbreak an Iphone to be a wi-fi hotspot and to record movies and lots of more stuff. Currently it is legal to jailbreak your iphone before Geohot's jailbreak it wasn'n
Well apparently he didn't really like Sony taking away the OS support for all PS3:s. So Geohot decided to jailbreak the PS3 aswell. Now you can run homebrew appilcations like emulators and apparently pirate games (eventhough GeoHot denied this iin an interview with gamespot) If you are interested in jailbreaking your PS3 you can find instructions from however it is considered illegal as of in right now. And sony might retaliate on your console for doing this. Wheter Geohot will again win court and change the digital millenia laws is pending.

perjantai 14. tammikuuta 2011

Insert explosions and General Awesomness here

So CES is over and nothing that really concerns gamers got released. Sony teased us with the PSphone (well not really leaks teased us) and yet it didn't get released.

On actually interesting news: the 3DS coming out in Japan February 26th has announced the eight debut games, and a hell of a lot of other titles. The 3DS will be published with Nintendogs+cats, Super Streetfighter IV 3D, Professor Layton and The Mask of Miracle and five other games that are barely worth mentioning. Other big names got their first or further confirmation. Such like ANOTHER Ocarina of Time, Tales of the Abyss the first Tales game with a ''the'' on it, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater and Kid Icarus Uprising. Titles TND are as follows: Resident Evil: Revelations, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney Mario Kart and Paper Mario. Now feast on cover arts taken straight from IGN yes i am ashamed.

Also 3D titles will cost 5000-6000 yen (60-72$) when ''normal'' titles cost around 4800 yen (57 $)

keskiviikko 5. tammikuuta 2011


Today is apparently the day of leakage. A video of a supposed 3DS was posted on YouTube with DSI and DS lite.
The funny thing is the leakers played the Mario theme on the back in what seemed to be a dorm of some sort.
3DS is a close match to the former versions if comparing size and so on. If Nintendo really made the 3DS more powerful than the Wii. I'm pretty sure the Wii 2 is just around the bend.
Adding news to 3DS. Apparently it isn't as safe for kiddies as we think. Nintendo  proposes that the 3DS should only be used at 30 minute periods. Yeah sure name me the last time you played a game for half an hour. The other end of the deal is that you will not get headaches and other vision based conditions whatnot. And people still wonder why 3D flopped the first time around the seventies or something. I personally get a massive headache every time i watch 3D. Like motion-controlling 3D is going to be an expensive gimmick trust me.

Next up the PSphone ''leaked'' again. When will Sony learn to keep secrets. Let's remember 2009 E3 what did they ''publish'' PSPGo, we new that PSP2 was coming six months before hand we only screwed up the name. Crying shame.
The new picture confirms the dual-virtual-super-mega-cool-new-technology-joysticks finally giving PSP the joy of FPS:s and the douche bags that come along with them.
Personally i love the idea of a reliable gaming phone. With IOS titles being less ''casual'' every day taking for example Infinity Blade, Sony chose once again their market well. And like 3D the gaming phone is resurrected. Many of us still remember the grotesque N-Gage project. Let's hope Sony gets it right.

In other news. Commander Shepard is going to be keeping it real in 2183 again, New DLC is coming along with the PS3 edition of ME 2. The yet not to be named title will be the fourth DLC BioWare adds to ME2 good riddance for them. This along with other phenomena such like the fact that more titles were downloaded rather than bought for the PC is pretty good proof for the digitization of games.

Now for the proper bullshit. Microsoft denies that the Kinect causes more RRoD:ing in old XBoxes. Problems like this are migthy fine examples of something being so convenient for the developer. They release Kinect and a new Xbox. Conveniently the Kinect breaks old Xboxes so hey why not go buy the nes version. Too good to be true for Microsoft if you ask me. Just like the multiple Glitches in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood that keep us from playing the game such like the animus loop and the underground passage glitch. Conveniently leaving us with only the multi player to play. Get you shit together Ubisoft i have been waiting for the patch for a month and Canada already has it. Anyway I'm over and out

tiistai 4. tammikuuta 2011


So the reviews for Sack Boy's second adventure are out today.
Sadly I myself have never had the chance to abuse and exploit the Little Big Planet universe, I guess i don't have the followthrough  for games like that.
The concept is the same as it was on the first game. Create, Play, Share as their slogan puts it

What Media Molecule added was tools to create games; yes games like 2d shooters both lateral and acsending, overview racers, airhockey and so on.
It seems though thay Media Molecule didnt learn from their mistakes. Poor directioning in the create mode and sluggish sloooooooow loading are still present. And the average review points as of in right now are 70.0.

Also funny side note. Even when Mass Effect 2 for PS3 is running on the ME 3 engine, it only requires one disc. When ME2 for Xbox had two. Im sure if anyone would read this there would be a flame war commencing. But hey you cant win them all (any of them )

maanantai 3. tammikuuta 2011


Luckily for me begginning of the hopefully most awesome year in general 2011 (because we all will die on 2012)
Is a slow one. Everyone is hyping for things to come or looking at the year past.

Forshadowing for january releases is also a thorn in everygamers side. Mainly for DC universe online, for which we all have seen a ton of beta footage (thank you TotalBiscuit) IF not even played beta. Mass Effect Dos for PStres and Dead Space 2.

Hmm apparently some sort of 2012 game is also released. Makes me wanna start a ridiculous releases segment :D
Apparently the feeling of anemia and '' Fuck this im on vacation'' feeling is mutual with me and the gaming biz.
Thus im over and out

The genesis of something AWESOME (I hope)

Ah blogging. If you're one of those cynical bitter bastards who think blogging is the most narcissitic thing to do and that only the lowest of lifeforms do it: welcome to the club.
That is why I won't be bloggin about myself no. I shall not even blog I will write about gaming, games, the gaming community and all that shennanigans.
Now I know you're thinking : what the hell makes this bloke so special that he wastes our time. I am currently freelancing for a pretty big gaming website. Sadly for buisness reasons I cant name it :(
But because of random BS happening over there I need a different output for my opinions. Lets say that the shackles of ''The Man'' are now off.
Well of course i could be just pissing in your cereals, holding you for a fool. Only time will tell if you are going to stick here. I for certain will.
I am very involved with gaming and very involded with the gaming community. Thus my expertise is not questionable you will see.
The soulchild known as my blog has just been given genesis and im sure development will follow. Im thinking about different sections for different weekdays so on so on.