keskiviikko 24. elokuuta 2011

Assembly '11

Assemly is the biggest LAN party held in my homeland of Finland. From the fourth to the seventh of august gamers got together in Hartwall Arena and did what people do when it comes to LAN parties.My highlights were:

The Jimm's booth:
I didn't buy anything but they had some great events like touchpad CSS and so on. And IMO they were prepared for window shoppers.

This shit kept me going when the small hours came upon us. I would pretty much have one with me all the time. The second rejuvinator was cigarettes. We honestly had a fag break every 30 mins.

Outskirts of Hartwall Arena:
We wandered outside Hartwall Arena and hilarity ensued as the ordanance people saw us. We split up and remained unharmed: yet it felt surreal and sort of awesome

Gaming in general:
It was liberating knowing that the couple days to come you could game as much as your heart desired. Nothing would stop you. And nothing did

My shitty PC:This hunk'o'shit accompanied me along Assembly. It only had an upgraded graphics card in it and the struggle with it was in the end quite rewarding. Next time ill hopefully have a better piece.

The Mainfloor: The hub, the center and the heart of Assembly. Everything from concerts to game finales took places here. Everytime you walked down to the mainfloor you would stand in awe astounded at the amount of everything that was going on.

Totalbiscuit: He was literally everywhere in Assembly. By the end of the four days he had commentated for 50+ hours, and it showed, nevertheless he still put up with the fans thus i got an awesome pic.

The ASUS ROG SC II event. Assembly made me a huge believer in e-sports. It was a crying shame that the preliminaries were stuffed into a small absess room. The same room was so packed when Stephano and Dimaga had their Z v Z that I could not finnish it. Luckily though the finale was held on the main stage.
After the first one hour game we were geared up for four more of those. After 2.5 hours Dimaga won 3-2 against Mana. Truly the highlight of the event