maanantai 3. tammikuuta 2011

The genesis of something AWESOME (I hope)

Ah blogging. If you're one of those cynical bitter bastards who think blogging is the most narcissitic thing to do and that only the lowest of lifeforms do it: welcome to the club.
That is why I won't be bloggin about myself no. I shall not even blog I will write about gaming, games, the gaming community and all that shennanigans.
Now I know you're thinking : what the hell makes this bloke so special that he wastes our time. I am currently freelancing for a pretty big gaming website. Sadly for buisness reasons I cant name it :(
But because of random BS happening over there I need a different output for my opinions. Lets say that the shackles of ''The Man'' are now off.
Well of course i could be just pissing in your cereals, holding you for a fool. Only time will tell if you are going to stick here. I for certain will.
I am very involved with gaming and very involded with the gaming community. Thus my expertise is not questionable you will see.
The soulchild known as my blog has just been given genesis and im sure development will follow. Im thinking about different sections for different weekdays so on so on.

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